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Balls of Fury: Starring Kevin Garnett vs Eddie House

Star treatment, lack of fairness, bad morals and corruption. Thats what the NBA fully demonstrated over the weekend by fining Sharpshooter Eddie House 25 Thousand and Kevin”the Big Ticket” Garnett a whopping  $ 0.00. First off, the scenarios were totally different circumstances and it severely favoured that Eddie’s houses actions be more justified.

For Kevin Garnett, on Friday night his Celtics were taking on the Suns in Phoenix. The Suns were well on their way to victory when with 4 mins left the suns leading 80-69. When Channing Fyre went up for a three pointer, Garnett sacked him in the balls. Then after that, he was shocked there was a foul, I guess he thought he got all ball on that play. See for yourself :

For Eddie House, playing on the national stage on Sunday vs the Thunder in OKC. Off a game saving offensive rebound by Miller down 1 with 22 secs left, House hit a three. To show off his excitement he did the Sam Cassell “Saggy balls” gesture in the heat of the moment. This turned out to be the game winner. See here:

The two circumstances were completely different, one showing excitement and one showing frustration. So this is where the NBA comes into to handle this situation. With Garnett’s action, he was intentionally trying to hurt someone and physically took the balls into his own hands. While House’s gesture was in the heat of the moment and it may be seen as inapprotiate but it was showing his excitement. The correct consequence  the NBA should of done to handle this situation would have been to handle it fairly and not fine House and fine Garnett or at least fine them both. But instead, the NBA fines House and nothing for Garnett. This just illustrates star treatment even though he has millions of money while house has a fraction of that. What makes it worst is that House did the same”Saggy Balls Too Big” gesture recently to seal the game vs the Pistons. The only difference was that  Sunday’s game vs the Thunder was on national tv and the Pistons game wasn’t. Apparently to David Stern, one NBA court is not like the next NBA court and what happens on it deserves different punishment. The lack of fairness is obsurbed and it damages the NBA’s image. Stern is adding support to the stereotypes of the NBA, that is in inconsistent and that what happens on the court is altered by special treatment.David Stern just gave the media and the fans ammo at their poor decisions.But then again it is the NBA; “Where Poor Judgement Happens.”

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2 and 1/2 Kings Episode 1

The basketball version of two and half men. With Lebron being Charlie Sheen of course and Bosh being the 1/2 a King. After watching Sundays Game vs the Thunder, it really made me worry about the Heat as a threat to the league for a possible dynasty team. Who would of thought after putting together 3 of the top 15 scorers in the NBA on team that their offence would be over shadowed by their defense which is winning the majority of their games. I think its scary that their defense is clicking and their offense hasn’t even begun to click. What makes it so scary is that once they figure out their offense with these massive egos, there will be not much that will be able to stop them. You can stop one of them and maybe wound the second one but there still is another scorer that will be a huge threat.

Time is the last missing piece of the puzzle. You have to think of it in their shoes. There whole basketball career and life they’ve had to carry their teams and no one ever challenged their shot selection and they were allowed failure because they had no help. They’ve had the load of the offense on their shoulders and the camera is focused on them. But now to jump ship and go to a team with two egos equally high with Wade and Lebron and then add a doss of the “Fake Tough Guy” (Bosh) and you got a whole new circumstance. They have to adapt to not being the alpha male and that will take time and once they find they rythem, we are looking at a possible dynasty that could shape the new Decade in the NBA.

This year is wide open year. The Lakers are now crawling, the Celtic’s deaths are each day coming closer, the Spurs are not Duncan’s team anymore and then theirs the 2 & 1/2 Kings. This is a perfect scenario for the Heat to premiere their 2 and 1/2 Kings. If their offense can reach at least 75% of their  potential they have the best chance of winning it all and begin their dynasty.

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What if?

I was bored today now being done exams, so what does anyone do with a laptop in hand but look up pointless stuff. I finally ended upon looking up NBA drafts. I became fascinated in looking at teams who choose players when they could of have so much more. The big “What if” they had drafted someone else how their future and their franchise would have changed. I was astonished on how many players that turned out to be steals could have been drafted so much earlier and players that were drafted but turned out to be a bust.

I’m not going to point out the obvious ones such as Darko in 03′ and Marvin Williams in 05′. Here are some notables I found to be intriguing. I know choosing studs in the draft is a hard process and theres no way to be able to tell during that time but its only human curiosity to think of what if? I’m going to only point out some from the past five draft years.

  • 05′ Draft Danny Granger 17th behind players such as Joey Graham, Antoine Wright, Rashad McCants
  • 05” David Lee behind Jason Maxiell, Luther Head, Linas Kleiza’
  • 06′ Rondo behind Renaldo Balkman and Quincy Douby
  • 07′ Aaron Brooks behind D.Cook, Julian Wright, Jason Smith
  • 08′ Brook Lopez behind  DJ Augustin and Joe Alexander
  • 09′ Stephen Curry behind Thabeet , James Harden,  J.Flynn
  • 10′ Landry Fields behind pretty much everyone (39th) and is having a top 3 Rookie Year

Its examples like these that make you wonder for your team, What if? If you could have had this player instead of who you actually drafted. It really suck for me when my two teams are the Blazers and Raps. The Blazers are usually great except for the Jordan huge mistake and the Oden vs Durant selection. The Raptors are absolutely brutal when it comes to the draft. I noticed that during my browsing.

04′ Rafael Aruajo when they could of had Iguodala, Al Jefferson, Jamer Nelson, Josh Smith, Kevin Martin

05′ They selected Joey Graham when they could of have Granger, D. Lee and Monta Ellis

06′ Bargnani when they could of had Roy, Gay, or Aldridge (However, at first It looked bad but its looking more promising)

It makes me wonder, whither if they have had anyone of these players they would be more successful and how if they were successful would Bosh have stayed. It all starts with “What if?” this and that. Maybe the Miami 2 and 1/2 (bosh) kings would have ever formed. It has a domino effect if you start to think of What if? But the Raptors made the mistakes and were stuck with the great defence of Jose Calderon, the beast in the low post Bargnani, and the game changer Amir Johnson.

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2010 NBA Draft

       I would like to state this is my first blog ever and first post, so bare with me.  The 2010 NBA Draft took place last night at Madison Square Garden. In recent drafts I watched them live and was very interested but last night, I had tape it. Thank god, I had taped it. It was so boring going through the same routine over and over again. I’d fast forward through almost everything besides the announcement of the draft pick and the highlights of the selected player. I think the draft was so boring because it went as how it was predicted. There wasn’t any big suprises or big trades at all to say the least except finally understanding how the salary cap works.

           The biggest suprise was march madness star Gordan Hayward going 9th overall to the Utah Jazz. The only reason he went so high was because of his play in the tournament. I really don’t see him becoming anything more than a bench player. (Next Matt Hapring) Like Hayward and Butler, they came out no where. I found it funny how the commentators liked this pick, when in reality it was a horrible pick. It’s a huge risk to take him at the 9th pick however, the upside is that he is going to a great system in Utah.

         One player I think everyone that is very overlooked is Jordan Crawford. He is a stud in my mind, sure he dunked on Lebron James but hes more of a basketball player than that. I see him becoming a borderline all star. That game vs Kansas State showed how cold blooded he is under pressure. I cannot wait to see him play and dunk on Lebron in the NBA (which will not happen).

          The highlight of the draft in my mind was when the Knicks went on the clock at 38th pick and took Andy Rautins, the Canuck. They went crazy for a player that isn’t even in the top 100. I saw all of Rautins march madness games and he is a dead eye shooter, but thats about it. I just love how the Knick’s fan love everything they do in the beginning but they then they come to their senses and realizes what the team did is actually dreadful.

        This draft although has been effected dramitcally by the 2010 Free Agents Mania. No team is willing to take a risk or make the first big move until after July 1st, 2010. This summer is going to be an exciting one, well it better be seeing as teams having been preparing for this year date years in advance (Knicks). It will kill some time until the Fiba tournament at the end of August. In the end, I would like to Ed Davis to the country of Canada which I live but my team is the Blazers.